Tuesday, April 16, 2013

porkitos ( faux doritos)

it is not your regular doritos of course but it was crunchy and that is enough for me. its more of a pork rind chips so if your lazy or just don't have time just sprinkle some ranch seasoning in your pork rind and it will be ok but the difference is in the texture i guess its almost like eating a tortilla wrap that you deep fried.

5 tbsp of finely ground pork rind ( make sure its fine and no lumps you can buy this at any asian store or just make your own)
3 tbsp of parmesan cheese
1 tbsp of ground physillium husk
1 egg
1 tbsp of smoked paprika

just mix everything together till it looks like a dough then add your smoked paprika and continue mixing till its well blended.

the tricky part is this you need to thin it out really really thin to have a crunchy chips. put your dough in the center of your silicone mat then cover it with cling wrap then start rolling it till you think its thin enough. make a horizontal line and a diagonal line using a pizza cutter or cookie cutter then when you have a square shape cut it into tiangle. you really don't need to do that but i just like to trick my brain.

then slowly transfer them in another silicone mat one by one...its tedious i was experimenting i don't know a good and easy way to do this yet may next time il come up a good and easy way but for now this will do.
then bake them in 350F for 6 minutes then rotate your pan and continue baking for another 4 minutes. you have to check it so it wont burn every oven is different so i cant really say that it will be the same but at least you guys have a guide. it is bland on its own so you have to put some seasoning on it. or eat it with a yummy dip.
after that it will be crunchy put some seasoning it in like cheese, or ranch powder. i stored mine in a airtight container. im also planning to used this as a loaded nachos, put some ground beef sour creme and the other good stuff and it will be golden.

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