Sunday, January 20, 2013

My lowcarb pantry

i was talking to a friend last week about her starting a lowcarb life, and i guess its always intimidating to start something new and an unorthodox way of eating. i remember the first time i did lowcarb, i knew i was really lost stuff like eryrthritol and xanthan gum seems so alien to me, and I'm not a novice in the kitchen if i may say i started cooking really early when my mom let me be her pretend sous chef in the kitchen. so I'm making this post for those who is starting to eat this way, i think stocking your pantry or your fridge will always help you stay on track so here it goes....

my pantry items for cooking and baking:
1. almond flour
2.coconut flour
3. whey protein powder ( vanilla and unflavored and chocolate if you want to complete the set)
4. physillium husk ( whole or in powder form)
5. eryrthritol ( its a sweetener made from fermented fruits that wont rise or affect your blood sugar)
6.coconut oil
7. unsweetened cocoa powder
8. unsweetened chocolates
9. liquid sweetener ( liquid stevia )
10. lowcarb ketchup
11. liquid smoke
12. dried spices ( make sure it doesnt have carb in it)
13. baking powder
14. baking soda
15. xanthan gum ( use to thicken soup and sauces)
16. natural peanut butter no added sugar
17. golden flax seed meal
18. chia seeds
19. pork rinds
20. coconut milk in can
21. lowcarb pizza sauce
22. spaghetti sauce with really low in carbs
23. unsweetened coconut flakes

my fridge items
1. egg and eggs and more eggs
3. cold cuts of meats ( in a hurry it makes a really quick snack with cheese)
4. cheese in any shape or form,  i always have Parmesan (cheap kind) cheddar, creme cheese and mozzarella on hand
5.vegetables (frozen or fresh) broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and zucchini and some Asian vegetables are always in my fridge
6. almond milk or so delicious coconut milk ( check the carb count)
7. butter
8. almond butter
9. heavy cream
10. whip cream ( makes a difference in a jello)
11. pre wash salad and salad dressing, just make sure your dressing is low in carbs and no unnecessarily sugar in it.

my frozen items:
1. meat and more meats
2. frozen vegetables ( microwavable veggie)
3. fish
4. lowcarb ice cream or Popsicles

my cooked items that's always in my fridge:
1. boiled eggs
2.cooked ground beef  (i add this in anything like salad or to my scrambled eggs)

so now go trow all the junk and all that processed and sugary stuff that's in your pantry and go online or go grocery shopping and get your lowcarb essentials, good luck, just keep calm and rock on lowcarb junkies!