Monday, May 20, 2013

fat fast day 1

i started this fat fast just to see if i can do it and also to move my never ending plateau. i can also say as I'm typing this that its easier than i thought especially for me because I'm in lowcarb for a long time now. others might struggle though especially if your not used to this kind of lifestyle, so i suggest begin with a lowcarb diet first then move to fat fast if you plateau, also remember this is not a long time diet, you can just do this not more than 5 days because of the lack of proteins. I'm planning to do this in 3 days so il update this entry as i goes. i chat down my meal plan, recipes, and macros for your guide, it might not be 100% accurate  so i suggest you guys make some research too but i did my best to calculate this macros as best as i can for my future reference because counting this macro is such a headache. you need food scale.
i thought i was short on fats on my first day but i did not add the bacon fats that i used to fry my meal 2 so i adjust my macro.

day 1
                                             serving        calories     net carbs      proteins         fats

meal 1
chia seed                              1/2 tbsp               30                   0          1.5g      2.5g
flax seed meal                        1 tbsp                 30                   0         1.5g       2.5g
whipping creme                     3 tbsp                 135                  0           0       13.5g
a cup of coffee with stevia
with a serving of powder creamer                   10

                                       total                          205                 0            3g              18.5g
mix everything together and let it sit for awhile till the chia thickens.

meal 2 ( this is for two people since my husband is doing keto too i just add protein to his servings or you can half this and eat the rest for your other meal)
                                       serving                calories      netcarbs            proteins      fats
pasta zero                    1 whole pack            30              2g                       2g                0
unsalted butter           1 tbsp                      100              0g                       0g               11g
creme cheese               2 oz                         200              4                         4g               20g
parsley dried               1 tbsp                        4
1/2 slice of bacon       1 bacon                 90            0                            6g                7g
bacon oil                      1 tbsp                      112              0                           0               12.5g

                                 total                536              6g                       12g              50.5g
                            divide by 2          268               3g                       6g               25.25g

method: clean your shirataki noodles first, dry it then pan fry it without oil.
              cook your bacon. take the bacon out and half it. in the pan were you cook the bacon fry the     shirataki noodles again then add your creme cheese,butter and about 1/4 cup of water, mix till the cheese melts and the butter emulsified with the sauce. add your spices salt and pepper and some parsley. half the servings. served with half of the bacon slice. crumb the bacon and put it on top.

meal 3 creme cheese frozen clouds ( divide into four serving size)
                                     servings       calories      netcarbs         proteins         fats
creme cheese                4 oz             400                8g                      8g                40g
unsalted butter             1/4 cup        400               0                        0                  44g
liquid stevia                  5 drops          0                   0                      0                   0
walnuts                       4 tbsp                180             6g                   7g                   19g

                                  total                 980                14g                  15g                 103
                       divide by 4                245                3.5                  3.75g                   25.7

soften the butter and the creme cheese. using a hand held electric mixer mix everything tills it becomes creamy. add the sweetener. you can also add vanilla flavor  just adjust your macro accordingly. pour it in any mold keep in mind that you need to freeze it and used a mold that it will be easy for you to divide into four. freeze for 2-3 hours. top it with walnuts or any nuts or nothing at all but adjust your macro.

meal 4 egg and avocado omelet
                                    servings            calories        netcarbs          proteins       fats
egg                              medium size         70                  1                       6                 4.5g
shredded cheese       1/4 cup               110                  1                       7g                9g
sour creme                  1 tbsp                  30                  .5                       .5                 2.5
avocado                       60g                    100                2 g                     0                   9g
chunky salsa              1 tbsp                  5                     .5                      0                   0

                                      total:                  315              5g                       13.5              24.5g
 method: i used a nonstick spray to cook this. beat your egg put it in the pan then add everything. put some salt and pepper to taste.

                                                                calories        netcarbs       proteins         fats
   total macro for the whole day:         1033            11.5                 26.25               93.9g

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1 minute parmesan and cheddar mug cake

this is so good especially when eating a stew


3 tbsp of almond flour
2 tbsp of unflavored whey protein powder
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1 tbsp of butter soften
1 tbsp of almond milk
2 tbsp of parmesan cheese
2 tbsp of cheddar cheese
2 tbsp of beaten egg
Pinch of salt

mix everything together except for the cheddar cheese. divide into two ramekin. put the
cheddar cheese on top. microwave for 1 minute. you can also add some spices to it if you want.

1 minute cinnamon pb choco chips mugcake

 i kept on making this over and over because its so good and moist and very fast to make

1 tbsp of eryrithol or any sweetener of choice
1/2 tbsp of lc sweet brown ( i got this from it replace a brown sugar) if you don't have this you can omit this and add as a sweetener of choice
1 tbsp of soften butter
3 tbsp of almond flour
2 tbsp of choco whey protein powder
1 tbsp of almond milk
1/2 tsp of baking powder
2 tbsp of beaten egg
1 tsp of no sugar pb
1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder
2 tbsp of choco chips ( im using nevada manna brand its low carb and no sugar alcohol) or 1 square of 85% chocolate bar just chopped it up.

mix everything up together, i suggest to double this recipe all the time because you can leave them in the fridge covered and heat them the next day.
if you did double the recipe used a beaten whole egg. and divide into four ramekins if not then divide into two ramekins
microwave for exactly one minute ( my microwave is 700 watts so if yours is higher i suggest about 45-50 seconds)

sweet potato breakfast protein bar

this is not a keto recipe i made this for my maintenance phase.

5 oz sweet potato ( steam and peeled) and cool down
2 tbsp of organic no added sugar peanut butter
2 tsp of cinnamon powder
1 tbsp of melted butter
2 tbsp of choco chips
5 drops of liquid stevia
1/2 cup of almond flour
1 cup vanilla whey protein powder
1/2 tbsp to 1 tbsp of water

just mix everything together except your water add it slowly
it will be very sticky
line a mini loaf pan with cling or plastic wrap
then put your mixture in, don't try to spread it because its really sticky
then put another plastic wrap on top of your mixture
now that you have the plastic on top used your hands to even everything out
when its frozen cut them in 6 pieces, wrap them again or put it in tight seal container making sure that they don't touch each other
you can eat them as a fudge or microwave them for 30 seconds till it becomes bready enjoy immediately