Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ketoninja wrap

This recipe originated from my cinnamon roll that I posted last year. Check that one too. Update: Someone pointed out that it's the same as  emmerich wrap so I check it out and it's freaking so identical, except for how she process it, also mine have a less cooking time like 28 minutes difference from my two minutes and the cooking method is so different too, hers is oven and mine is just stove pan. Maybe because this recipe came from the cinnamon roll that's been inspired by emmerich as I stated from my post last year. I been promoting her site in my ig even her books so I will never copy her recipes because I respect her. This is just those weird coincidence but at least the process and the cooking method is so different. My credibility is important to me because that's all I have and unlike other bloggers I don't get anything but just a satisfying feeling  to help my fellow lowcarbers. Im gonna email Emerrich about this but I'm standing in my ground that this is my recipe that's originated from my cinnamon roll that I posted last year 👊  

1/2 cup of coconut flour
3 tbsp of ground psyllium husk
1/4 cup of room temp butter or coconut oil
1/4 tsp of garlic powder
1/4 tsp of salt
1 cup of warm water plus 2 tbsp of warm water


Before you start ready a standard circular plate and a pan that can accommodate the wrap ( it needs to lay flat on the pan) so I suggest look for a plate that will fit in your pan nicely. 
In a deep bowl mix the coconut flour, psyllium, salt, garlic powder. 
Then add the butter and using your hands mix it and press like what you do in a dough
Add the warm water and keep on mixing
When it finally looks like a dough, shape it into a log and divide into four equal portion
Get one of the dough and place it in a silicone mat, then cover it with another mat and start rolling using a rolling pin
( I think a cling wrap will also do this job)
Start rolling to the desire size, I made mine about 8 inches.
Also this dough is very flexible to work with so if you want to add more dough to create your circle just take out from the outer edges put in where you need it and start rolling. Same process as when it rips just get some from the outer edges and just put it where you need it, put the mat back on top and continue rolling from the outside.
I suggest make it thin but not to the point of it getting rip when you are gonna take it out, if it's too thick it will turn into a crunchy crust like thin crust pizza which is not bad either, but we want a wrap
Get a regular circle plate and just trace it out using a blunt butter knife. 
Heat the pan into a medium heat I put mine to 5, the highest setting in my stove is 8 just to give you guys an idea
Gently lift the wrap from the mat and transfer it to the pan
Cook for about 1 minute in each side so it will stay pliable and flexible 
If you overcook it will not be flexible like a regular wrap but you can still use it with so many application 
(I'm thinking thin crust, tortilla chips because it does becomes so crunchy)
Repeat the process in all of the dough. The remnants of the dough you can make into a soft taco shell, same process but get a smaller plates. 

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