Saturday, February 14, 2015


This recipe is adapted from the youtube channel that I saw only thing that I change is the homemade sauce, quantity of bacons and the green onion, the rest and procedure is the same, I suggest you watch her video so it will be easier , maybe someday il make my own youtube channel 😁 , but if you are ok with lowcarb ketchup then you can follow her recipe as well for the easy homemade okonomiyaki sauce.

300g of finely shredded cabbage
4 slices of thick uncured bacon 
1/2 cup chopped green onions
4 eggs
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper

1 tbsp of tomato paste
2 tbsp of water
2 tbsp of vinegar
1/2 tbsp of tamari or liquid aminos ( or soy sauce if you are ok with it)
1/4 tsp of onion powder
1 packet of sweetener of choice or 1 tbsp of erythritol or 1/2 tsp of honey
Pinch of pepper
Method: put in a small pan and cook till it thickens. Set it aside for the toppings later of the okonomiyaki ( this serves two)


Shredded roasted nori
Bonito flakes ( optional )

1. Chopped the bacon into small thinly slices.
2. Renders the fats of the bacon till it browns
3. Add the cabbage, cover and cook till it's wilted
4. When the cabbage is wilted and done, remove from the pan and divide into two, put it into a deep bowl and let it cool a little
5. In each bowl divide, the servings of the green onions 
6. Add two eggs in each bowl ( it's easier to mix everything if you beat the eggs first before adding it to the cabbage mix )
7. Add pinch of salt and pepper in each bowl
8. Mix well
9. Fry, one at a time and cover
10. Flip, cover and continue frying it in a medium heat till the eggs are cook
11. When it's done spread some of the homemade sauce on top, then add mayonnaise, and the roasted nori 
12. Enjoy while it's hot.